Cigar Rollers Philadelphia

Philadelphia Cigar Rollers are a part of the rich history in the City of Brotherly Love. With origins from as far back as ancient times, cigar rolling has become a respected art form that produces fine tobacco masterpieces. These premium cigars are enjoyed as pastimes of the high-class and sophisticated. Philadelphia has its own history with cigar rolling, as it was one of the leading cities in cigar manufacturing in the United States for several years. One Philadelphia-based company, Theobald & Oppenheimer Cigar Company, was founded in 1860 and was one of the biggest cigar manufacturers in the city. Philadelphia’s cigar industry thrived so much so that it attracted many workers from local Latino communities growing in the late 1800s through the early 1900s, namely the Puerto Rican community in North Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Cigar Rolling Events

Today, we bring the cigar culture back for your next event. What’s a better way to embody Philadelphia’s spirit of brotherly love than to have a nice outing with family, friends, and colleagues at a cigar rolling event? Cigar rolling events are an entertaining alternative to the usual restaurant and bar where you can socialize and smoke the best cigars at upscale places in Philadelphia. Have a cigar bar as a fun addition to a corporate reception at the luxurious 5-Star Four Seasons Hotel in downtown. Celebrate a golf tournament victory with a cigar rolling party at the beautiful Bala Golf Club near Center City. For any occasion, CF Cigars will be there to create a memorable cigar rolling experience for you and your guests.

Cigar Servers

Cigar servers typically accompany a cigar roller at cigar rolling events. Cigar Servers are knowledgeable about the makeup, quality, and characteristics of cigars, so they are an excellent way for guests, especially cigar novices, to become educated on how to smoke cigars and how to look for the best ones. CF Cigar servers are seasoned professionals who are well-versed on the grade, flavor, and makeup of first-class cigars. They will warmly engage with your guests and teach them about various strengths of cigars and how to smoke them with the right techniques to get the most out of each puff.

Premium Tobacco

To have an authentic cigar smoking experience, the cigars must be made of top-of-the-line, authentic filler tobacco. CF Cigars are handmade pieces imported from the Dominican Republic through major cities like Philadelphia. They attract cigar enthusiasts worldwide who appreciate the meticulous preparation and skill that go into crafting outstanding cigars. Our Dominican-made cigars are made with genuine tobacco leaves that give them their rich aroma and flavor. Treat your guests to a cigar rolling and smoking session reminiscent of the 20th Century, along with a selection of fine wines and liquor that will complement the robust flavors of our top-grade cigars that bring a unique experience to your guests.