Philadelphia Cigar Roller Events

At the heart of every Philadelphia cigar rolling event are our master cigar rollers who create a laid back, cultural vibe as they demonstrate the fine art of cigar rolling, along with event planners who oversee the event to ensure that it is executed with order and hospitality. Our cigar rolling event planners and coordinators also work hard to make sure that the package for your event is adequate for your guest list size, the occasion for your event, and any specific preferences you have. At CF Cigars, we work with you to cover every possible detail that can factor into your cigar rolling event, from cigar strength preference and wine pairings to special requests for cigar servers.

Cigar Rollers Info

Cigar rolling time, cigar bands, and opting for cigar hosts are just a few of the customizable features in a cigar rolling package. The durations of cigar rolling demonstrations varies event by event, but for guests lists under 400, cigar rollers usually do 2-hour sessions. Professional graphic designers design the cigar bands that cigar rollers place on the cigars, and they can customize them with special colors, inscriptions, graphics, or logos to commemorate occasions like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. An entertaining feature to add is a cigar host, who will entertain and serve guests by engaging in conversation about cigars and assist guests with cutting and lighting cigars.

Grade A Cigars

CF Cigars are all foreign-made, Grade A cigars made in standard-compliant factories in Santiago, Dominican Republic. The same cigars that are imported and sold in local cigar stores are the same types of cigars that CF Cigars provides at Philadelphia cigar rolling events. Our cigars are always of the utmost quality that will please the refined palates of seasoned cigar experts.


Philadelphia Cigar Rolling

Philadelphia has a variety of venues throughout the metro area that can accommodate cigar rolling events of any size. The Ritz-Carlton of Philadelphia in Center City has over 26,000 square feet of meeting space to host large catering and cigar rolling parties. At large events like weddings and corporate dinners, we can supply as many as two cigar rollers to ensure that a memorable cigar smoking experience is offered to you and all of your guests. If cigar servers are included in your package, efforts will be made to have a sufficient number of servers to service guests lists of any size at your event. Fill out our contact form to get a quote for your next Philadelphia cigar rolling event.