Philadelphia Cigar Servers

Having cigar servers at cigar rolling events definitely, adds a classy touch to any party or professional function in Philadelphia. Instead of having to wait in line or crowd around the cigar roller’s table for cigars, guests can make themselves comfortable in a seat or corner while cigar servers personally approach them to serve them freshly rolled cigars. This will give your cigar rolling event a smooth, stately order that will encourage guests to relax and enjoy themselves. This is also ideal for the cigar rollers, who can focus on making well-assembled cigars instead of being distracted by throngs of guests waiting at their tables. Our CF Cigar servers continually pace around the venue, attentively observing if guests would like more cigars or have questions about smoking them.

Cigar Server Style

CF Cigars has a team of male and female cigar servers who are ready to cater to your guests with excellent service. As the client, you have the option of requesting only male or only female cigar servers for your events. Many clients, for instance, request female cigar servers only for their cigar rolling parties to give their events an old-school feel reminiscent of cigarette girls who served patrons at supper clubs in the 1920s. Male or female, our cigar servers are always dressed in modest formal attire for cigar rolling events.

Cigar Savvy

Cigar servers not only serve guests cigars but also amuse them with interesting cigar facts and history. Our cigar servers are very learned in the anatomy, characteristics, and types of cigars out in the market. They can give guests insightful little lessons on how to judge the flavor and aroma of a cigar, the various types cigars from different countries and cultures, and how to properly draw a cigar.

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At CF Cigars, we want you to get the most out of your experience of smoking our exceptionally-made Dominican cigars. That’s why we offer our clients customizable packages that can include various essentials and special options that suit to your particular needs. We will work with you to accommodate anything from specialty cigar types to creating custom-made bands to commemorate special events in Philadelphia. Fill out and submit a contact form to get started today.Click Here Contact Form.